BF Labs, ‘Baby Shark BubbleFong Friends’ Global OBT Starting

Seoul, Korea – April 05, 2024 – (SeaPRwire) – BF Labs announced that ‘BubbleFong Friends’ started its global Open Beta Test (OBT) from 28th March.

‘BubbleFong Friends’ is a classic arcade bubble shooter game where the Pinkfong Wonderstar characters pop bubbles together under the refreshing ocean. As players immerse themselves in the colorful world of ‘BubbleFong Friends’, they will be captivated by the satisfying sensation of popping bubbles and watching their worries melt away. The game’s simple, one-touch controls make it easy for players of all ages and skill levels. Since the last CBT, the game has been upgraded based on the feedback and opinions from many users.

Before starting the global OBT, pre-registration and various social media events held from the 18th of March, and provided rich rewards such as a partner random box and in-game goods, which attracted a significant number of pre-registrants. In particular, ‘BubbleFong Friends’ is a Web 3.0-based game that is targeting the global market, allowing users to enjoy the bubble shooting game all over the world, including the US and Japan, as well as Southeast Asia.

In addition to the main game, 101 Battle Royale Bubble Shooter, there are three mini-games, Matching Game, Connect Four, and Othello, as well as Drawing Lot(item picking content), in the OBT of ‘BubbleFong Friends’, and it is expected to capture the hearts of users. Each character and partner in the game has their own unique skills, especially when equipped with three partners of the same category, which activates a combination effect, so it contains a lot of interesting parts. A special attendance event also will be held to celebrate the global OBT, more details can be found through the official Medium of ‘BubbleFong Friends’.

According to an official from BF Labs, “We are pleased to announce the global OBT with many appealing elements and upgrades for users to enjoy, and there are still many skills and content that have not yet been revealed, so please stay tuned for both the OBT and the Grand Opening.”

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